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The Voice of Our Children and Families Captured at Ecofest

Updated: Jul 1

5 June 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes your child feel loved and safe?

We asked our local children and were thrilled to hear the answer.

Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT) spent time talking with our local families and children at Ecofest 2023 in Gladstone.

Throughout the local community event, while colouring in leaves to grow the GRT tree, children shared some of their favourite things to do at home with their family, that make them feel loved and safe.

Parents enjoyed hearing their children’s responses and were pleasantly surprised that it was the little things that meant the most to them.

The efforts of GRT in improving the wellbeing of our future generations are based on the foundation assumption that giving our children the best start in life includes growing up feeling safe, happy and loved, at home with their families.

Have you ever asked your child what makes them feel loved and safe? The answer may surprise you!

What Gladstone Region children told us:

  • Cooking and preparing meals

  • Playing board games with my family

  • Learning to ride a bike with Mum there in case I fall

  • Washing the dog with my Dad

  • Helping push the mower with my Dad

  • Reading with my big sister

  • Playing hide and seek

  • Making cubby houses in the TV room

  • Playing lego with my family

  • Going to the beach, parks and community events

  • Having Mum all to myself without sharing her with my brothers and sisters

  • Getting kisses on the head at bed time when I pretend to be asleep

  • Knowing Mum is always there when I need her

  • Sharing meal times with my family

  • Lots of squeezy hugs

  • Helping me with my homework

In continuing to value community voice in opportunities to enhance community wellbeing in the Gladstone Region, GRT are seeking feedback on what local support services community benefit from.

Over 50 families provided feedback via an online survey during Ecofest, which will remain open for community members to participate until mid-July.

Survey respondents are entered into a draw for a chance to win a $500 voucher for a local family holiday. To participate in the brief five question survey and offer your voice on local wellbeing services, please Click Here (survey closed).

For further information, please contact GRT

P: 07 4970 7382



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