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Let's Chat!

You can help create a thriving future for the Gladstone Region.

As a community-led initiative, GRT belongs to all of us in the Gladstone Region. Our vision, goals, and actions are those of our community, informed by many voices through ongoing conversations. 

We use local data and community stories to understand our focus areas and measure our progress towards improved community wellbeing. 

To ensure the whole of the community’s voice is heard, GRT are regularly chatting with community members about life in the Gladstone Region.

Community are invited to share their views on local priorities to support the development of a Gladstone Social Plan and Gladstone Region Wellbeing Children and Families Plan aimed at improving long-term community wellbeing.

A simple survey has made it easy for locals to share their voice, asking four key questions that focus on personal wellbeing goals.

Share your stories and experiences to guide the ideas and solutions shaping the Gladstone Region.


Where you'll find us next

2024 Community Engagement Events

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry  Business Expo

Venue:  Gladstone Entertainment Convention        Centre, 56 Goondoon Street, Gladstone

When:  Thursday 23 May 2024

Time:   12:00pm - 6:00pm

Check the map to see where we are in conversation with community.

Engagement activities have offered GRT the opportunity to gain input from over 400 stakeholders, including:

  • Community across our geographically diverse region

  • Community Leaders (elected and informal)

  • Traditional Custodians including Elders

  • First Nations groups and organisations

  • Government departments, non-government and not-for-profit organisations

  • Human service and health sector networks

  • Business and Industry


Who else should be involved? Let us know!

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