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GRT is a whole of community partnership between three levels of Government, Higher Education, Industry, Sector, Business and all Community Members across the Gladstone Region Local Government Area.

If you are interested in supporting the community vision, get in touch!

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Australian Government & Queensland Government

GRT is a Stronger Places, Stronger People (SPSP) Community. SPSP is an initiative of the Australian Government in partnership with State and Territory Governments creating better futures for children and their families.

The Australian and Queensland Governments have allocated equal contributions to support the community-led initiative in the Gladstone Region, complemented by other supports, and are partners in the work.



CQUniversity in support of the Gladstone Region Community has partnered with GRT to auspice the initiative and provide professional support through administrative, financial, and governance elements of the work.  


CQUniversity employs and houses the GRT Backbone Team at its Gladstone Marina Campus.


Here for Gladstone

Here for Gladstone has partnered with GRT to enable the Gladstone Region Wellbeing Data Hub which will be a community asset of accessible and relevant local and population data in an easy-to-understand knowledge platform.


The Data Hub will create improved capacity for our community to use data for evidence-based program design and evaluation, encourage collaboration and ensure the delivery of programs and services that demonstrate improved outcomes.

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