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Share Your Voice! Gladstone Region Seeks Community Input in Social Plan

Updated: Feb 14

Community are invited to share their views on local priorities to support the development of a Gladstone Social Plan aimed at improving long-term community wellbeing.

The Gladstone Social Plan

The Gladstone Social Plan will provide the collective voice of community on local social priorities and will support stakeholders and investors, including business, industry, and government, to align to community identified priorities when considering their contributions and activities in the region. This collective effort, through the co-designed plan, will help optimise decisions and investments for the Gladstone Region.

Everyone can contribute to help shape the future of the Gladstone Region.

A simple survey has made it easy for locals to share their voice, asking four key questions that focus on personal wellbeing goals.

Hands together. Working as a community.

How is the Gladstone Social Plan different to the existing Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan?

During 2021 and 2022, building on the great work of community historically and legacy Industry projects that capture community aspirations and needs, our community provided feedback on what they thought was most needed now and would most help improve wellbeing in the Gladstone Region into the future.

As a result, the Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan was developed within the scope of:

  • a specific focus on the needs and wellbeing of families and children in the Gladstone Region

  • the capacity of Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT) to action and implement projects within the resources funded by the Stronger Places, Stronger People funding.

The Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan can be accessed on the Gladstone Region engaging in action Together website here.

In 2022, during the community review of the Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan, community requested that GRT leverage its existing community engagement activity to capture community-identified issues, beyond the focus of families and children and the resource capacity of GRT, to develop a broader Gladstone Social Plan.  


The intent of the request from community to develop a Gladstone Social Plan, was to record and make visible the known needs, gaps and challenges voiced by community and regularly discussed at local forums and networks, to enable the shift from continuous conversation to action.

Your Role

Inputs into the plan are sought to represent the wider interests and needs of the community equitably.

Community members can access the survey via the survey link or by scanning the QR code, or are welcome to contact GRT to share their experiences.

QR Code for Gladstone Social Plan Community Survey

Practitioner observations or client feedback from human service providers can be made directly to GRT.

Our community is everyone who lives in, participates in, is impacted by, or impacts on, life in the Gladstone Region.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to help shape the future of the Gladstone Region.

A draft Gladstone Social Plan is scheduled to be released for community comment by mid-2024.  The plan will only identify owners of actions where owners nominate their inclusion.

For further information, please contact GRT


P:            07 4970 7382

Shared Decision Making

Our community is in a unique position with the Gladstone Region being one of six places nationally, invited to participate in the development of shared decision-making practices between government and community for improved community outcomes. Gladstone was identified for this opportunity due to the collective efforts of community to design and endorse the Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan. This opportunity will continue to maintain a focus on decisions that impact the wellbeing of our families and children, and is a great opportunity to strengthen the way communities and government work together in a collective vision of improved community wellbeing.



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