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Strengthening Skills Attraction Efforts through New Employee Feedback

A call to action has been extended to new residents of the Gladstone Region who have relocated to this beautiful part of the world for work.

Newly relocated employees are invited to share their feedback and experiences, via the 'New to Gladstone Employee Survey' including their considerations in the early stages of deciding to move for work, navigating relocation, and their own and their families experience of settling into the region.

The 'New to Gladstone Employee Survey' is the latest resource released through local partnership, aimed at identifying improvement opportunities in community efforts to attract skilled workers to the Region and enable positive relocation experiences.

Gladstone Regional Council (GRC), Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL), Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA), Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) and Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT), continue to work together to improve outcomes for our community through the attraction of skilled employees and accompanying family members who offer great value to the region, in the skills they bring and the contributions they make to community life.

QR Code for New to Gladstone Employee Survey
New to Gladstone Employee Survey

New employees who have recently relocated to Gladstone, can access the survey via the survey link or scanning the QR code.

Local employers are encouraged to use the survey as a component of their onboarding process. Survey information flyers for distribution or to display as posters in workplaces, are available via this link.

The survey follows the release of a suite of skills attraction resources that were launched in 2023 including the:

  1. ‘Glad to be in Gladstone’ webpage on the Gladstone Regional Council website that streamlines access to information for people looking to move to the Gladstone Region

  2. ‘Gladstone Region Skills Attraction Employers Toolkit’ to help recruitment efforts of employers

  3. Case study videos of new and existing Gladstone residents whose stories promote the liveability and point of difference of the region, job opportunities for partners and training and employment pathways for family members.

GRT’s focus on skills attraction was identified as a priority by community, due to the adverse effects of the skills shortage on community services. The shortage has significantly impacted social, education, and health services, which impacts quality and timeliness of supports for families and children. Identified actions to date are the result of contributions via a workshop in 2022 of stakeholders across government, human service, business, and industry sectors.

For further information on the development and collaboration of the Skills Attraction initiative please see our earlier launch post.

For further information, please contact GRT.

P: 07 4970 7382



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