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Restacking the Odds and GRT join forces for Positive Change

The Gladstone Region community have been recognised for their data capacity and collaboration through a new partnership that is bringing further investment to the region to improve outcomes for children and families.

National initiative Restacking the Odds (RSTO) identified the Gladstone Region Community as an attractive partner due to the work being done locally in growing data use for continuous improvements of supports for children and families.

Restacking the Odds is a collaboration between the Centre for Community Child Health at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Bain & Company and Social Ventures Australia.

RSTO’s unique approach uses evidence to focus on ‘how’ to work differently to improve outcomes for children, families and communities. It aims to develop the skills and knowledge of service providers and community-based early years initiatives for collecting, understanding and using data to answer three key questions:

  • Are sufficient services available?

  • Are we delivering high quality services?

  • Who is accessing these services?

A key aim of the RSTO program is the combining or ‘stacking’ of multiple, effective, evidence-based strategies across the early years to create conditions that enable all children to thrive.

Under the local investment, participating Gladstone region organisations will be supported to design methods and practices to routinely collect data on identified Restacking Indicators and to streamline data collection methods, while growing their capability to interpret and use data for quality improvement.

The RSTO investment into the Gladstone Region has been formed with Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT), with local, Dr. Cal Devney, recently appointed to the role of RSTO Implementation Manager to work in partnership with local early years services that recognise the value this investment into the Gladstone region can offer.

Dr Devney will link local work with the RSTO initiative nationally, to leverage wider research, learnings and evidence-based approaches to improving children’s health, development and wellbeing, for local outcomes.

Find out more about the how service providers focused on the early years can partner to improve outcomes using evidence-based approaches that will better meet the needs of children and families, by contacting GRT.

RSTO Partnerships Lead, Kellie Horton, presenting on the local investment at the ‘Together in Action’ Showcase event in Gladstone in August 2023.

Find further information about RSTO on their website or by downloading the RSTO Overview below.

Download PDF • 677KB

For further information, please contact GRT

P: 07 4970 7382



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