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Have Your Say on How Regional Wellbeing is Measured

Draft Gladstone Region Wellbeing Measurement Framework Open for Feedback

Further input is invited to continue to shape the community-designed Gladstone Region Wellbeing Measurement Framework. Your inputs to complete and endorse the draft measurement tool will assist the measurement of collective efforts to create improved outcomes for children and families in our Region.

The Measurement Framework aims to measure long-term population level change in identified population-level indicators including those associated with social determinants of health and wellbeing.

Over the last three years, measures and outcomes have been identified by community through workshops and public events discussing and dissecting data and considering local experience. The resulting draft Measurement Framework was released for feedback on 16 August 2023 at the ‘Together in Action’ Showcase event.

Social Wellbeing Measurement Workshop 17 May 2023.

The Measurement Framework will remain in draft until the end of 2023. The process involves review and reflection by community. As a community-led, place-based initiative Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT) defines community as everyone who lives, participates, impacts on, or is impacted by activity in the Gladstone Region.

Feedback from community on the Measurement Framework is encouraged to ensure that ongoing evaluation enables improved outcomes for our families and children, and that the Stronger Places, Stronger People (SPSP) investment into the Gladstone Region aligns with community expectations.

Feedback on the draft Measurement Framework can be provided by email directly to, by completing the feedback survey online or via the QR code on your device. If you wish to discuss the draft Measurement Framework further, please contact GRT.

For further information, please contact GRT

P: 07 4970 7382



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