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Gladstone Region Takes Proactive Steps to Address Housing Needs

The Gladstone Region has taken proactive steps to address priority housing needs of our community through a series of recent Housing Roundtable meetings, bringing together stakeholders with influence or impact to collaborate for improved outcomes.

With representatives from three levels of government and housing support providers, the Housing Roundtable is a progression on earlier work of the Growth Management Working Group and Housing Supports Working Group in 2022, convened through Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT).

Gladstone Housing Roundtable
Housing Roundtable Meeting, November 2023

Housing has been consistently relevant to the changes seen in our region's demographic and community vulnerability over recent decades. Availability and affordability impacts have had consequences for both long-term residents and have been a key factor in the movement of vulnerable families into and out of the region.  Current housing constraints are exasperating cost of living pressures and also impacting skills attraction to the region, during a heightened period of skills shortages.

Roundtable discussions have unpacked the complexity of local housing needs, with community forming two working groups that operate in parallel, one with a focus on immediate needs and the other planning for long-term housing needs.

Immediate needs consider emergency and crisis housing solutions to ensure timely interventions for those at risk of homelessness, and the safety and dignity of those experiencing homelessness.

Long-term actions and strategies aim to influence housing supply, including delivery of an appropriate mix of houses, units, and other dwellings that provide sustainable long-term living.

Immediate housing pressures and homelessness are intrinsically linked to the available supply, mix and location of housing stock and its impact on affordability. The more work done to ensure that appropriate long-term, open market housing stock is available in the region, the lower the need will be for emergency housing and supports.

Since the formation of the Housing Round Table, the Gladstone Regional Council’s Local Housing Action Plan and the Queensland Government’s Homes for Queenslanders plan have been released.

Gladstone’s Local Housing Action Plan has been enabled by the Queensland Government under a commitment of the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025 to encourage community liveability, resilience, and social and economic growth and prosperity.

The Homes for Queenslanders plan has been well received and has resulted in more resources for Gladstone in support of growing demand on local housing supports.

The Housing Round Table reconvenes regularly and is collating housing and population data to inform housing planning and the development of housing solutions for our community, in alignment with existing housing plans for the Gladstone Region.

For further information, please contact Gladstone Region engaging in action Together.


P:            07 4970 7382

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