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Growing Gladstone’s Human Service Sector Capacity:

Updated: Apr 29

Local Professionals Invest to Grow Collective Understanding of Brain Health and Childhood Wellbeing

51 sector stakeholders from across the Gladstone Region invested time to come together last week to engage in meaningful discussions focused on fostering a deeper understanding of brain health and its impact on children and family wellbeing.

In a new approach to mitigate the impacts of skills shortages and enhance service delivery in the human service sector, the Gladstone Region has taken a significant step forward with the launch of the first collective training opportunity under its Sector Capacity Building Initiative.

The event, held on Tuesday 23 April 2024, marks the beginning of the in-person components of the 'Gladstone Region Childhood Builders' training series.

The series is a collaboration of Gladstone Region engaging in action Together (GRT), Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership, Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation and The Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland is being delivered as part of the three-year Sector Capacity Building Initiative, designed by local practitioners, and enabled through partnership with Rio Tinto Gladstone Operations.

This inaugural session on ‘Wellbeing Conversations and Brain Health’, translated cutting-edge neuroscience research and The Common Approach® wellbeing framework, into practical, evidence-based practices for professionals of all levels of experience and education within our local human service sector.

The Common Approach® is a prevention-focused, flexible way of working to help everyone have quality conversations with young people and their families about all aspects of their wellbeing. The framework includes six wellbeing areas that align with The Nest: Loved and Safe, Healthy, Participating, Positive Sense of Culture and Identity, Material Basics, and Learning.

Attendees participated in a variety of activities, engaging strengths-based, child-centred practices for conversations that consider all aspects of a family’s circumstances and explored the practical implementation of applying these fundamentals into professional practice.

Gladstone Region Childhood Builders Workshop One: ‘Wellbeing Conversations and Brain Health’, April 2024

A key insight resulting from open and honest sharing that participants bought to the workshop, was the majority of participants identifying collaboration as one of the more challenging aspects of their individual efforts to improve wellbeing outcomes for clients.

In addition to the opportunities identified at the workshop to unlock and overcome barriers to collaboration, GRT is inviting interested stakeholders to a one-day ‘Together in Learning’ workshop in May focused on Deep Collaboration.

The final component of the ‘Gladstone Region Childhood Builders’ training series is scheduled for August, with delivery of ‘The Resilience Scale, Healthy Places and Spaces Systems Integration’ workshop, which will enhance understanding of the Resilience Scale within the NEST framework, fostering connections between supports and enabling improved child wellbeing through a cohesive, supportive ecosystem.

For further information on the Sector Capacity Building Initiative, please read Collective Buying Power and Community Partnership Enabling Improved Outcomes for Families and Children, or contact GRT:


P:            07 4970 7382



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