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Theory of Change

Achieving Change


Opportunity, equity, and quality of life for everyone in our community

Achieving Change

Contributing Outcomes

  • Our families have access to life's basics, feel independent, and have purpose

  • Our children feel safe, happy, and loved, growing up at home with their families

  • Our children are starting school ready to learn and on track to thrive

Enabling Change

Change Elements

Our families have access to:

  • housing 

  • employment

We are connected to:

  • self-identity

  • culture

  • community

Our parents have:

  • parenting confidence

  • healthy lifestyles

  • access to supports

Our children have:

  • a healthy start to life

  • a quality early educational support

Foundations For Change

Conditions Required

  • Open, transparent information sharing and evaluation of outcomes for individuals

  • Community voice is listened to for lived experience and stories behind the statistics

  • Adaptability to respond to changing socio-economic environments

  • Community trust and participation, acting together now for a better future

  • Courage to challenge the status quo, and creativity to dream big and to change entrenched norms

Evaluation and Measures

More families ‘doing well’, more babies born healthy, more children at home and safe with their families, in secure housing and with at least one parent in employment, increase in children attending high quality education care and ready to start school.

Foundation Assumptions

Giving our children the best start in life includes growing up feeling loved and safe and this requires the health and wellbeing of our parents and families.

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