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Stronger Places, Stronger People

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The Challenge

There is significant government and philanthropic investment in a number of vulnerable communities across Australia, yet positive changes have often been limited. Recent events, including widespread drought, bushfires and the global coronavirus pandemic, have presented additional challenges for communities.

Most experts agree that no single policy, government department, organisation or program can solve the complex problems facing most children and families living in communities where disadvantage is concentrated. Ongoing engagement with a community to assess its strengths, needs and existing investment is required to make informed decisions that are driven by the community. This approach can allow real change to be enacted.

The Response: working in partnership, working differently

Stronger Places, Stronger People is a community-led, collective impact initiative, stewarded by the Australian Government in partnership with state and territory governments and 10 communities across Australia. It seeks to disrupt disadvantage and create better futures for children and their families through locally tailored and evidence-driven solutions to local problems, in partnership with local people.

A unique feature of collective impact is the shared commitment to a local strategy by communities, governments, service providers and investors, with shared accountability for planning, decision making and results.

The Australian Government is investing $35 million over five years in Stronger Places, Stronger People. There is also significant investment from state and territory governments and in some cases philanthropic organisations.

In June 2021, Gladstone Region engaging in action Together presented a successful proposal to the Australian Government and Queensland Government on behalf of the Gladstone Community to partner under the Stronger Places, Stronger People initiative.



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