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Community-Led Change on Show at ‘Together in Action’ Event

The Gladstone Region community will come together in August to share updates on the place-based, community-led action being driven by the shared desire of our community to see our local children and families thrive.

The ‘Together in Action’ event will be held at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre on Wednesday 16 August and will showcase the range of projects being implemented to deliver on the community identified priorities in the Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan.

Event participants can expect to be surprised by the breadth and diversity of stakeholders and stakeholder collaborations contributing to the shared vision of opportunity, equity and quality of life for everyone in our region.

Attendance of the event will represent the GRT definition of community which includes everyone who lives, participates, impacts on, or is impacted by activity in the Gladstone Region. Stakeholders delivering on the Action Plan, including community, human services, government, business and industry, will present on the work being done and the outcomes expected.

A special Guest Speaker will visit Gladstone to share with event delegates the experience of another, more advanced, place-based initiative that is achieving great outcomes for local children through the collective efforts of community and government embracing place-based, community-led practice. This demonstration of results will enable delegates to visualise where Gladstone is on the collective impact journey map and the possibilities for change as a result of the work in progress now.

GRT Leadership Group member, James Lynch explained that ‘Together in Action’ is an opportunity for Gladstone residents to come together to hear about the great work already happening in our community, by our community, and the exciting future ahead.

“With the recent announcement of extended Australian Government funding for the GRT initiative, the ‘Together in Action’ event is a celebration of what has already been achieved and acknowledges the whole-of-community investment being made into the next steps in our collective plan to grow increased outcomes for our children into the future,” James said.

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to and to shape the next stages of the valuable work for the Gladstone Region. The event will showcase community leading change to realise the vision of opportunity, equity, and quality of life for everyone in the Gladstone Region.

Register now for your free ‘Together in Action’ tickets, to learn more about the collaborative effort and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and become a part of a larger movement towards a better future for our families and children of the Gladstone Region.

Tickets for the ‘Together in Action’ free showcase event are available online until 31 July through . For further information contact

GRT on 4970 7382.

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