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Focus Areas

Our vision is opportunity, equity and quality of life for everyone in our community.

We use local data and community stories to understand our focus areas and measure our progress towards improved wellbeing in our region.

Disrupting the cycle of disadvantage is a long-term social endeavour and requires a whole-of-community response. 

To create a thriving future for our region, our focus areas have been identified by community as:

  • Our families have access to life’s basics, feel independent, and have purpose

  • Our children feel safe, happy and loved, growing up at home with their families

  • Our children are starting school ready to learn and on track to thrive

By focusing on our families and enabling and supporting parents to provide a happy, healthy, and nurturing home environment, we can all help provide a great start for our children. 

Ensuring our families have access to the right supports at the right time, requires a healthy, proactive supports system and a responsive, supportive community.

The community-designed and owned Gladstone Region Wellbeing Action Plan maps out how we, as a community, will collectively improve early supports and increase opportunities for our local children and families.

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